The legacy of a great wife from a grieving husband.

As the days of healing pass over me I want to share my thoughts with those who care.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Family, a Faint Picture of Heaven.

We just recently returned from our vacation in California. The outpouring of love and compassion of our extended family was literary overwhelming.

The last time we were able.. or should I say willing to go was about eleven years ago. We were letting other priorities take over, like spending our time, energy and other resources on things that would not last yet we thought that they were going to get us more happiness… they got  us distracted from the things that really matter.  It’s sad to recognize that even we believers can so easily get sucked into the demands of this world giving up precious things that God entrusted us with.
This truth was especially driven home today as I was sitting under the preaching of God’s word.

While the call to feed the hungry protect the weak help the poor are necessary because of the fallen world we live in and are ways to demonstrate God’s mercy, grace and Jesus’ selfless sacrificial love to all, the call of scripture about marriage and other familial relationship are to remind us about the beautiful imagery God invested in these to show His fatherly character and the loving relationship he wants to have with us.

He has to remind us time and time again of the importance of these things because the devil and his demons are out with full force to make the world and even God’s people to get distracted and caught up chasing after the wind.
As someone put it once....we are most of the time work hard because “we spent the money we did not have for things we do not need to impress people who do not care”

A lot of times husbands and wives are only (if)  have the faint energy to share with each other late at the end of their day because they have been burned up busy with work just to make ends meet.
Many Fathers and mothers at best have to schedule special quality time with their children once a week so the children would have some sense of a family. Other times they push them out to the world to make them successful by its standards forgetting where true success lies.
Really??? Is that how God treats us? Is this what we can expect once we are going to be with him?

God’s word is full of encouragements and even laws regarding our family relationships not just to make our life to function as he intended for us, even though that in and of itself would be a good reason, but because without them there would be no way for us to recognize his awesome attributes as he relates to his chief creation namely man and especially his children “the sons of God” the ones saved by the blood of Jesus.

Sometimes we only realise what we take for granted after God takes them away from us. As in my case- while I don’t walk around with regrets- I have flashbacks of missed opportunities, and let me tell you, they hurt.

This recent trip was a precious gift from our relatives as they shared their time and recourses with us.Their actions were a great reminder to what really matters in this life, but even more to have a sense of the beauty God promised to us in the life to come.

So let us spend more time embracing and giving ourselves to those precious ones that God brought into our immediate lives. Our parents, siblings and “on and on”, the bigger and more the better.

If God has given you a loving mate you have an unlimited source of pleasures and beauty to discover in him or her, and through that you have a glimpse of the infinite, vast love that our maker has for us in the life to come.
Does this compete with the extra large house, the latest and greatest electronic gadgets, the always new shiny car etc? I think not.

If God has blessed us with children we have the greatest insight into how our heavenly father delights in the growth we ourselves experience as we grow day by day to be like Him.

May God preserve us from the pitfalls of this age and grant us wisdom how to spend the time and everything that he entrusted to us.