The legacy of a great wife from a grieving husband.

As the days of healing pass over me I want to share my thoughts with those who care.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Today would have been Miriam's 41st Birthday.

A year ago still full of hope I sent this poem in an email to Miriam from work, not realizing that it will be the last of her birthday we will enjoy together on this side of  Heaven.

Happy Birthday, Special Treasure

God gave a gift to the world when you were born
a person who loves, who cares,
who sees a person’s need and fills it,
who encourages and lifts people up,
who spends energy on others
rather than herself,
someone who touches each life she enters,
and makes a difference in the world,
because ripples of kindness flow outward
as each person you have touched, touches others.
Your birthday deserves to be a national holiday,
because you are a special treasure
for all that you’ve done.
May the love you have shown to others
return to you, multiplied.
I wish you the happiest of birthdays,
and many, many more,
so that others have time to appreciate you
as much as I do.


That evening we had an awesome Mexican party for her. Here are some pictures of those precious memories.


  1. Could she possibly be more beautiful???!!! Inside and out ... through and through... Happy Birthday Miriam ... my sweet friend... I can hear you saying .. oooooooooohhhhhhh...... maaaaaarrrryyyyyyyy....... in that gently passionate whisper when you would tell something you learned about God's grace that you found to be soooo sufficient and soooo rich... I love you and miss you and long to hear you say ooooohhhh mmmmaaaarrrryyyyyyy.....

    one day.... we will have tea again ... and we will laugh and cry and "be" and I will hug you with all the hugs i long to give you... xoxoxo

    Love you guys Nandi... xoxo

  2. I think of my friend Miriam as well as the other's that have gone before me. They are all with God now, and God hoping they are saving a spot for me as well. You are very much missed by many.

    P. S. I just gooled & found this. Keep in touch Weisz family, take care & God Bless.